How It Began:
It was a great day for a topwater lure as the popper hit the water. Using my favorite bass catching technique, I began twitching the lure in one spot. Suddenly, I saw a huge largemouth bass soaring through the air towards my bait. The fish was airborne for about three feet until gravity forced the lunker back into the lake with my lure.

I never imagined a bass would react to a topwater lure in such spectacular fashion. Amazingly enough, it happened again one week later; except this time the bass missed its target and I left empty handed. Nevertheless, I was now convinced that topwater fishing was the most exciting way to catch bass!

Shortly thereafter, I began designing and making my own wooden topwater lures. These original designs were unique, but only a few yielded the desired result. Eager to improve, I pursued new designs with great intensity. After much hard work and perseverance, two of my designs proved to be patentable. I then filed the patent applications and JPS® Lures, LLC was formed.

I hope and pray that fishing with these new baits will bring as much excitement and fishing success to you as they have to me. As for the future of JPS® Lures, prepare to be blown out of the water with additional new lure designs that offer more options and cover more area. In the meantime, enjoy fishing with SPLASHBOB® and V-MAX®.

May God bless you always,
Joe Sayers

Below are the two designs that I hand crafted shortly after that great day. The original SPLASHBOB® and V-MAX®.