SPLASHBOB®: Splash Lure
With Rearward Splash!

An Original Design Feature

SPLASHBOB® simulates prey and predatory fish movements to attract the local bass population. This lightweight topwater lure is designed to catch even the most finicky eaters; and is most effective when danced or jiggled in one location. It can be used in any type of water to attract largemouth or smallmouth bass and is capable of creating a wide range of sounds and actions. Its versatility is limited only by the fisherman’s imagination.

How it works:
The fisherman, with slack on the line, nudges the lure slightly forward until the upper portion of the mouth drops into the water. This bobbing action mimics the up and down movements of preyfish foraging at the surface. This same action also produces a splash, which can shoot water droplets several feet behind the lure. This unique rearward splash can easily emulate the sounds and water displacements of live forage.

With a slack line, shake SPLASHBOB® in one spot by using quick, light, upward twitches of the rod tip. The baits turbulent action resembles the movements and sound patterns of struggling baitfish.

A solid upward snap of the rod will allow SPLASHBOB® to create a water disturbance similar to that of a predator fish striking at the surface. Bass could see this as an opportunity to grab what the other fish missed.

During a steady retrieve, SPLASHBOB® can be jerked or twitched just below the surface. Use this type of “crankbait” presentation to give bass one more opportunity to strike.

Use these or come up with your own new and unique ways to fish with SPLASHBOB®.